While these polystyrene foams are manufactured

In a NutshellIf you are looking to make a smart investment when it comes to choosing insulation panels, rigid foam panels can really be the one investment you are looking for..Built-in InsulationMade of Polystyrene, which is a natural insulator against temperature and noise, these panels stop heat from entering the house. Because of the high R-value they offer and being lightweight, strong and durable than other insulation boards, they are widely used in ceiling and wall of home by home builders. This way, you can save yourself from the heavy electricity bills.If you are curious to know why these foam panels are being used widely in build homes, here are the benefits they offer to homeowners that makes them so popular.Quicker InstallationBecause these panels are lightweight, strong and durable, they are quicker to install and require less time as compared to other insulation slabs.

Key Benefits of Rigid Foam Panels If you are building a new home or simply renovating it, you may be thinking of installing rigid foam panels in the wall or ceiling or even in the floor for the benefits they offer. Improve Energy EfficiencyIf rigid foam panels are infused in the wall or ceiling while building or renovating the home, the dependency on the heating system can be reduced as they are good enough to provide the insulation required to keep the room cool or warm. Not only they stop heat from honeycomb core foam material moving, they also regulate the temperature inside the house by resisting heated or cooled air from moving out. From providing with easy insulation to reducing your reliance on heating systems, rigid foam panels are a must for building a home.High R-ValueIn comparison to other foam panels, rigid foam panels have higher R-values, typically ranging from R-4 to R-7 per inch of insulation, and this makes them an ideal insulation material.

No CFCs Used in Manufacturing While these polystyrene foams are manufactured, no CFC or HCFC is used, which is responsible for ozone depletion. Take advantage of the long-term saving and other benefits that these panels offer to homeowners.Fire PropertiesThe manufacturing process of these rigid foams panels includes the use of fire retardant material which can help to control the fire incidents that may happen due to any uncertain reason. Therefore, they one of the best insulation products so far that not only insulate better but are eco-friendly.

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